21, March, 2015 on the support of Odessa Tempus Center it took part the meeting of the students club “Criminal Law of the 20th century”

The next, but a special one, because the topic of the meeting “The issues of development of Criminal Law of Ukraine in the conditions of European integration” is very topical for modern Ukraine. As every day watching different news we are thinking of advisability of Ukrainian integration into the EU: “If we are ready to accept it, what we wish?”

During the meeting professors, fellows and students tried from a criminal point of view to discuss the formation and development of European criminal law and its balance with Criminal Law of Ukraine.

With his speech it was performed Head of Criminal Law Department of the National University “Odesa Law Academy”, Professor, Doctor of Law Tuliakov. He told about European ideological values, harmonization of Criminal Law in European countries, principles and methods of cooperation in the sphere of EU Criminal Law, legal forms of realization of the EU criminal policy, and also about problems related to approximation of Criminal Law of Ukraine to the EU Criminal Law.

The speech of Professor Tuliakov and the meeting generally caused incredible interest among the audience. The students and the fellows participated in the discussion lively, asked questions, expressed their own point of view. Also participants of the meeting monitored several high-profile drafts of the acts.

Taking into account the interest to the issues it was taken the decision to conduct one more meeting of the student club devoted to development of Criminal under circumstances of European integration.

Odessa Tempus Center was created within realization of “European and International Law Master Programme Development in Eastern Europe -InterEULawEast” TEMPUS program.