To assist theorists and practitioners of the European integration

Contemporary lawyer and manager, political scientist and journalist cannot be regarded as qualified one without foreign language proficiency of his professional orientation. That is why for more than 10 years in the University there has been developing and implementing the program of preparation of Bachelors and Masters in foreign languages. S. V. Kivalov initiated this program.

In the frameworks of particular specializations such as European integration it is necessary to provide assistance in mastering professional terminology not only to university graduates, but also to staff of the relevant ministries and departments, politicians and parliamentarians.

For this purpose according to the recommendations of the monitoring mission Erasmus+ in the frameworks of implementation of TEMPUS IV projects “Development of Master’s Program in European and International Law in East Europe “InterEULawEast” by the representatives of our University there was prepared and published the Glossary of Terms of the Internal Market of the European Union in English (Odessa, 2016). Among the authors are professor Tulyakov V. A., associate professors Pashkovskiy N. I., Barskyy V. R., Katsyn M. E., assiatant Alekseeva I. M. The Glossary was highly estimated by the experts of European Union Universities. It was recommended for use during the educational programs on p[problems of European Integration and EU law.

The electronic version of the Glossary is acceptable free of charge on: