Modern Legal Systems: Traditions and Transitions

From July 2 to July 7, within the framework of the implementation of the cooperation agreement at National University "Odessa Law Academy", the International internship program "Modern Legal Systems: Traditions and Transitions" was held, with the participation of Ń–students, doctoral students and teachers of the Adilet Higher Law School of the Caspian University (Almaty, The Republic of Kazakhstan).

The international internship program is a series of study events devoted to the analysis of the development of national legal systems in the context of globalization. The goal of the program is to provide a deep understanding of traditions and innovations of the formation of modern legal systems, to promote constructive professional dialogue in the context of large-scale legal changes in the countries of transition.

The international internship program has become a discussion platform for Ukrainian and Kazakhstani lawyers interested in modern trends in legal theory and practice.

Within the framework of the international internship Professor V.Tulyakov held a presentation of the innovative Master's program- "International and European Law". This program was created by the staff of the National University "Odessa Law Academy" within the framework of the IV TEMPUS project "Development of the Master's Program in European and International Law in Eastern Europe - InterEULawEast ". He introduced to the entire guest the goals, content, methodology and features of the master's program.