Odessa Tempus Center

Odessa Tempus Centre is established within the Tempus IV project INTEREULAWEAST - European and International Law Master Programme Developement in Eastern Europe along with two other Tempus Centres in partner countries – Zagreb Tempus Center at Zagreb University (Croatia) and Voronezh Tempus Centre at Voronezh State University (Russian Federation). Through the project the centre will acquire a representative library containing a number of publications and expert literature on European law and International law. Library will contain all necessary equipment available for research purposes (linked with relevant academic data bases) and targeted primarily at master students. The centre will disseminate knowledge on European integration, European law and International law to the students of the partner Universities as well as coming from various other institutions of relevant country and from other countries of the region and for wider public. Together with other actions establishment of the "Tempus" centers will ensure the future sustainability of the project.

Odessa Tempus Centre is situated at National University “Odesa Law Academy” (23, Fontanskaya Doroga, Odesa) and besides providing the researching features on European and International Law it also organizes different kinds of academical events such as guest lectures, seminars, round tables, advanced courses etc.


Odessa Tempus Centre
National University “Odesa Law Academy”

23, Fontanskaya Doroga, Odesa,

Ukraine, 65009